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Very Smart Partner

Program flexi + easy

Earn $ ongoing

Flexi Price To Sell

Subscription or one-off basis 

Many Products

Add on sales as clients’ business grow

Multi Income

Multiply selling plus recurring income

Easy Sell

Frequent webinars, sales tools like clips for you

Let’s help SMEs merchants to success by introducing great solutions to sell, market & manage. You need only bring us new clients and we take care of the rest. Use your knowledge to grow & earn too!
  • Boost your revenue
You’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 70% margin as you bring more business.
  • Build your expertise

Stay ahead with access to exclusive training and marketing resources.

  • Delight your clients
Offer your clients with solutions that are proven to be profitable & efficient.
The Smart New Retail eco system has over 35,000 merchants who could use your help.

WHY partner with Smart

Work “smart” not work hard

Flexi Price

We offer both subscription & outright purchase options

Many Products

Customers can add-on any product. No need to look for new prospects

Multi Income

Multiple streams of recurring income

Easy Sell

Free webinars, sales clips, and other materials to help you get sales

Eco System

Sell top-quality solution that offers rich features. No price war!

Fit Any Size

Solution suits one shop, yet is scalable to any size

Big Project

Can provide customized solutions for project clients. THINK BIG!

Easy Resource

Resources all connected within Smart2U apps

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Be Part of Success Community

  • Easy to sell
  • Earn a lot
  • Ready tools
  • Direct relation support
  • A brand you don't have to fight for

We’re build success, you’ll earn $

With direct relation support & up to 70% margin. Join NOW!

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