Sell Online with Our E-commerce POS System in Malaysia

Sell everywhere online with minimal effort

Easily sell your products on webstore, social platforms & online marketplaces simultaneously. No repetitive or manual work is required to keep your store’s inventory, orders & products up-to-date. Let the system handle it for you. Just sit back and watch the sales roll in!
Sync customers, orders, inventory data across online & offline stores.
Auto update stock quantity in all places after every sale.
Unified cross-channel operations for greater efficiency and control.
  • Webstore

    Build your online store

    Access unlimited pre-designed templates and create your webstore in minutes.

    1000+ free templates

    Simply choose from over 1,000 free templates that are mobile-responsive and can be customized to fit your brand.

    Suitable for any biz type

    Stunning modern webstore theme, perfect for any type of business to showcase products in optimized web navigation.


    Work with one of Malaysia’s leading eCommerce service providers. Flexible & transparent pricing plans, free training and step-by-step onboarding services.

    Web order

    E-orders sync & organized to one place. No special care & great time savings!

  • Marketplace

    One-click sell on marketplaces

    List your products on popular marketplaces in just one click. System automates daily orders, stock updates, and bulk products upload. Eliminate the hassle of selling on multi channels.

    Lazada direct link

    Link your products to Lazada store with a click. With the Lazada direct link, you can link order and stock data too!

    Shopee seamless sync

    Lets you instantly sync your products, orders, and stocks between your Shopee store and webstore.

  • Social Commerce

    Sell on social platform effortlessly

    Start taking advantage of social media to get more potential customers. No more creation of the same product, and no more managing multiple accounts. Simply sync all data with one click!

    Social Commerce

    Must have tools for every successful Facebook and Instagram business. Make life easy with Facebook/ Instagram Shopping, Facebook Messenger Shop, Facebook Smart Responder, Facebook Messenger Bot & more.

    WhatsApp commerce

    Clear order forms automate buying & fasten checkout. No more workload on payment verifications too!

    Live commerce

    Reach more people, get all that live orders into system with no more manual records. Super clear inventory status & know what sell best.


    Conveniently view and manage all your chats from Lazada, Shopee, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp within one platform. Centralized chats will improve respond rate. Awesome!

  • Payments

    Integrated payment gateways

    Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your customers can checkout quickly and securely. So, you'll be able to focus on your most important job — grow your business.


    Tie with renown gateway that features all popular e-wallets under its umbrella. Simple pricing with no hidden fees. Free application with any system purchase. We got you.

    Multi payments

    Customers can conveniently pay for online purchases with eWallets, credit card, debit card, and FPX online banking.

    Consolidated payment

    Console & manage your entire financials in one place. Easy to check & verify payments for accuracy & without hassle to logon so many e-wallets portals.

  • Manage

    Centrally manage everything

    We take the complicated out of selling products online with centralized orders, synchronized products, consolidated payments and information. It doesn't get any easier than this.

    Orders centralized O2O

    Automatically sync all orders, stock quantity & price across all of your online and offline stores. Effortlessly manage them in one place.

    Products centralized

    One time product info uploading. All products could be automatically synced to your webstore, Lazada, Shopee and other channels in a few minutes.

    Payments consolidated

    Consolidate all payments into one system. See your business's financial situation with a single source of information in clear detail.

    Accounting integration

    Quickly generate customer invoices and knock-off customer receipts. View your profit and loss statement and gross profit at a glance. Rapidly identify any variances in your reconciliation.

    Info consolidated

    Know how many orders you have received, what your total sales are, which items are selling best, and more at a glance.

  • Integration

    Ecommerce link & customization

    Seamlessly links with eCommerce, software, or application to streamline business processes and maximize your business potential.

    Retail/outlets APIs

    Ready APIs for retailers to sync data from eCommerce sites or apps to existing system.

    Link with delivery app

    Link with the delivery app to create a seamless process for delivery order processing and tracking.

    Pool of partners

    Work with our partners to build an online store tailored to your specific needs.

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