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Power of intelligence & mobility

Take advantage of business intelligence and rich mobile applications to improve your business sales, financial, inventory, and customers. Instantly pull data across systems, empowering you work faster & smarter.
Tapping into BI and mobile apps to help your business get ahead of the competition & run smarter operations.
Power your business with real time business insights, and the ability to take the right actions anytime.
Real-time data syncing gives you greater operational control and means you can maximize the ROI possible.
  • Bi Plus

    Build a data-driven business

    Turn your raw data into meaningful insights that will help you make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

    Real-time data analysis

    Instantly integrates all your data in eye-catching visuals updated in real time to help you make better decisions.

    Stunning data visualization

    Transform large volume of raw data into easy-to-understand visualizations: charts, grid, report or pivot formats.

    User-friendly tools

    DIY reports by simply drag & drop. Create powerful data visualizations with our unique Dashboard Designer.

    Many ways to explore data

    Numerous interactive filtering, sorting & grouping options to quickly find answers to business questions.

    Share and collaborate

    Export reports & analytics directly to Excel files that you can share with your team.

  • Info2Go

    Business in your palms

    Get instant reports on sales, profits, cash, stocks, and more with just one app. It's a must-have mobile app for all businessmen!

    Intuitive dashboard

    Get an overview of all key metrics with a quick glance.

    Stock & sales tracker

    See stock status summary, sales & top sellers. Stay updated on quantity by location.

    Finance reports

    See P&L, Balance Sheet & all financial reports.

    Cash matters

    Easily capture & connect all your business bank accounts in quick summary or details.

    Outstanding payments

    See client payment pending status & move on to send reminder.

    Secure Access

    Set accessibility & rights.

  • Bill-X

    Run your business on the go

    Start selling & accepting payments in seconds, wherever you are. It's portable, smarter & more powerful, allowing you to run your business anywhere.

    Integrated multiple payments

    Conveniently accept cash, credit/debit cards or eWallets with a scan & tap.

    Simple product list

    Upload your items and create your product list quickly.

    Take order fast

    Click on a product or search by name or code to add it immediately. Even can take custom order that are not in the product list.

    Fast & easy billing

    Easy to use billing feature, add tax, discounts, and custom charges. Print receipt with using handheld POS device.

    Make a refund

    eWallets & credit/debit card refunds can be processed instantly, so customers receive their refunds in seconds.

    Support Android smartphone

    Accept payments directly using a Google NFC-enabled Android mobile device.

  • Space App

    Connect to inventory anywhere

    Grow your business with the most powerful mobile inventory tool. Track your stock in real-time from anywhere, giving you peace of mind.

    Good receive note

    Make sure you're receiving the right order, right items & right quantity.

    Customer SO / delivery order

    Send the sales order to the customer for confirmation right away & use the delivery order when delivered. Closing a sale will be easier than ever!

    Stock transfer

    Transfer stock from another outlet whenever a store is out of stock. No more empty shelves in any outlet!

    Stock take

    Track the inventory quantity on hand and ensure that the system records match the actual amount. Keep your stock levels accurate at all times.

    Purchase order

    Order products directly from the supplier with full details of item, date of purchase, delivery date and price.

    Purchase requisition

    Let the outlets or subsidiaries restock efficiently from head office according to the product & quantity they need.

    Return note

    Conveniently return the defective product for a refund or replacement anywhere.

  • Buyer App

    Fully-featured branded app

    Having your own branded mobile store has never been easier. Easy, fast & affordable - everything you need for your mobile business is right here.

    Select delivery or self pickup

    Let customers choose how they want their order delivered, either home delivery or self pickup.

    Online payment & COD

    Satisfaction guaranteed, customers can pay for their purchase with secure online payment options or cash on delivery.

    Apply discount code

    Create a discount code to let customers enjoy a discount at checkout.

    Get notifications real time

    Push notification to customers of any updates to their accounts, orders, and shipments.

    Purchase history

    Easier for customers to see what they purchased in the past and make similar purchases in the future.

  • Rider App

    Optimize local deliveries

    Build a team of riders to help with your local deliveries and better serve the local community.

    Rider instant sign up

    Signing up for the rider account can be completed in as little as three minutes. The process is simple, secure, and hassle-free.

    Auto-assign delivery rider

    Find available riders closest to the new delivery job and push notifications will be sent to riders.

    Share delivery details

    Earnings estimates, delivery location and other details are available to rider, making it easier for them to decide whether to accept a job.

    Proof of delivery

    Delivery orders are assigned a verification code to help riders verify that they have delivered the item to the correct customer.

    See all earnings

    Total earnings are visible in the account section of the app to help riders keep track of their earnings.

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