Multi-Outlet POS management system in Malaysia

Over 35,000 clients using us

Here are the 5 industries where we have had the greatest success

“We have multiple outlets in Malaysia. Now we’re able to monitor all our outlets in real-time. We can even see how each branch is performing, or what’s the top-selling products.” 

- Kajang Healthcare


Running a pharmacy isn’t easy. Law regulations to obliged, new competitors constantly coming to the market, and customer demand is higher ever.

We got help from system 

  • E-Tracking Of Poison Control Items
  • System Price Control
  • Customer Rewards
  • Multi Uom
  • Bundle Package
  • Centralize Control Multi-Outlets
  • Supplier Promotion Rebate Report

Mart & Grocery

Grocery business is very hard to run. Without a proper system, inventory counting can take hours, not knowing stocks expiration date, long waiting lines, and collecting payments can be a nightmare.

We’re happy things get better with system

  • POS + Weighing Machine Integration
  • Multi Uom
  • Price Checker
  • Bundle Packages
  • Promotion + POS Simulation

“Our members now love to shop from us through physical stores or online channels. Together with membership program, our sales are much higher than before.”

- Treleaf Mart

“Smart New Retail gave us the edge we needed as a multichannel retailer. It has changed the way we manage inventory and promotions. Simply amazing!”

- Mothers First Choice

Fashion & Baby

With the competitive landscape, complex size, color and style forecasting, and customer satisfaction challenges, it goes without saying that fashion retailers must be flexible and adaptable to thrive.

System lighten workloads accurately

  • Stock Matrix
  • Fast Reorder
  • Direct Import Branded SKU Number
  • Promotions

Gadgets & Hardware

Hardware stores have been relying on outdated methods for tracking inventory and sales. When the process is outdated, sales and customer experience will also be affected.

Really suit our business & can reward customers

  • Serial Number Inventory 
  • Warranty Handling
  • Stock Matrix
  • Stock Replenishment Report

“We love the fact that we can look at our data and see what is working and not working. This helps us better know customer needs & plan better promotions.”

- Siong How Electrical & Electronic

“ This POS system help us grow more smoothly. From warehouses to stores, from promotion to customer service, it can support us all.“

- Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

Food & Beverages

Food costs increase and customers ' demands keep

changing. To remain competitive, businesses not only need to offer delicious food, but also must be able to meet the customers’ unique needs.

Restaurant must have system

  • Floor & Table Management
  • Multi Print Kitchen
  • Package Modifier / Add On
  • Multiple Menu
  • Dine In / Takeaway / Fast Food

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